K Acid

K Acid
Chemical name:
CAS No.: 118-03-6
Content: 70%


Product name: K Acid
K Acid CAS 118-03-6Chemical name: 2-Amino Naphthalene-3,6,8-Trisulfonic Acid;2-amino naphthalene-3 6 8-trisulphonic acid;
CAS: 118-03-6
Synonys: Amino K acid
MW: 202.55
MF: C6H3ClN2O4
Use: It is mainly used as intermediate of dyes ,etc.
Package: 25kg per plastic woven bag

Specifications of K acid

Items Standards Results
Appearance Brown solid Brown solid
Content 70% 73%
Moisture 0.5% 0.35%
Ash 0.5% 0.38%

K Acid introduction

K acid is a kind of chemical raw material mainly used to prepare azo reactive dyes, acid dyes and organic pigments.
It is obtained from 2-naphthylamine-4,6,8-trisulfonic acid by alkali melting and acidification.
K acid a.k.a 2-naphthylamine-3,6,8-trisulfonic acid, is colorless or brown powder in appearance. It is an important dye intermediate.
The main raw material of k acid is 2-naphthol, then concentrated sulfuric acid is added for sulfonation reaction, then potassium chloride and ammonia are added successively for reaction, and finally the product is prepared through acid precipitation and other processes. The upstream of k-acid industrial chain is mainly 2-naphthol, sulfuric acid, ammonia, potassium chloride and other raw material suppliers, and 2-naphthol is the main raw material. Driven by the environmental protection policy and the supply side reform policy, the cost of 2-naphthol raw materials in China has risen and the price has been rising, which provides a strong support for the price increase of k acid in China.