Beta Naphthol

Beta Naphthol
Chemical name: 2-Napththol
Synonyms: 2-Hydroxynaphthalene
CAS No.: 135-19-3
MF: C10H8O
MW: 144.17
Category: Dye Intermediate
Content: 99.4%
Package: 25kg per bag; 17mt in 20'FCL container.


Product name Beta Naphthol
Other names 2-Naphthol;β-naphthol
CAS No 135-19-3
MW 144.17
Content 99.1%
Use Dye intermediate
Structure Beta naphthol

Beta Napthol chemical properties

1. Toxicity is similar to phenol, and it is a stronger corrosive agent. It has a strong irritating effect on the skin. It is easily absorbed through the skin. It is toxic to blood circulation and kidney. In addition, it can also cause corneal damage. Although the lethal dose is not clear, there are cases of death caused by external use of 3~4g. The production equipment should be sealed and leak-proof, and should be cleaned in time if it splashes on the skin. The workshop shall be ventilated and the equipment shall be sealed. Operators shall wear protective equipment.
2. Flammable, the color gradually darkens after long storage, and is stable in the air, but the color gradually darkens when exposed to sunlight. Heating sublimation, with pungent phenol odor
3. It exists in flue gas.
4. The reaction between aqueous solution and ferric chloride is green.

Beta Napthol application

1. Important organic raw materials and dye intermediates, used in the manufacture of tobaric acid, butyric acid β- Naphthol-3-carboxylic acid is also used in the manufacture of antioxidant D, antioxidant DNP and other antioxidants, organic pigments and fungicides.
2. It is used as a reagent for the determination of sulfonamides and aromatic amines by thin layer chromatography. It is also used in organic synthesis.
3. Used in acid tin plating to improve cathodic polarization, refine crystallization and reduce porosity. Due to the hydrophobicity of this product, when the content is too high, gelatin will condense and precipitate, and the coating will produce stripes.
4. It is mainly used to produce acid orange Z, acid orange II, acid black ATT, acid mordant black T, acid mordant black A, acid mordant black R, acid complex peach B, acid complex red brown BRRW, acid complex black WAN, naphthol AS, naphthol AS-D, naphthol AS-OL, naphthol AS-SW, active brilliant orange X-GN, active brilliant orange K-GN, active red K-1613, neutral purple BL, neutral black BGL, direct copper salt blue 2R, direct fast blue B2PL, direct blue RG Direct blue RW and other dyes.

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