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According to the relevant departments of statistics, China’s 2016 pesticide export volume of the top 10 has been officially released.

It is understood that China’s major export varieties of pesticides are the top 10 are: glyphosate, paraquat, imidacloprid, chlorothalonil, atrazine, chlorpyrifos, methanesulfonamide, oxadiazone, acephate, more Bacteria. The number of exports reached 24.99,10.01,1.01,1.42,2.28,1.02,0.24,0.78,1.46,094,000 tons, the top 10 varieties of pesticide exports amounted to 1.7 billion US dollars.

China’s imports and exports of pesticides after the first time last year, double the trend after the price trend, this year is still weak trend. From January to October in 2016, China’s exports of pesticides were 1.0998 million tons, with exports of US $ 45.51 billion, down 15% and 27% respectively. This was the decline in sales volume of 15% after the decline in pesticide exports to -8.06% The 2016 years 1 – October, China’s imports of 3.28 million tons of pesticides, imports of 371 million US dollars, down 35% and 37%.

From China’s pesticide export market, 2016 in January-October, export countries and regions 159, the export size of the top 30 countries and regions together accounted for 80.9% of total exports, the total amount of 65.2%. Among them, Africa and Latin America accounted for 10 countries and regions, Asia accounted for 13 countries. Specifically, China’s pesticide export market in Asia total exports of 30.89 million tons of pesticides, the export value of 1.219 billion US dollars, accounting for total exports of pesticides and export amount of 8.1%, 27.0%.

Brazil, the United States, Australia, Argentina, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, eight countries in China, the largest imported pesticide varieties are glyphosate, and India and the United States, Australia and the United States, Australia, Pakistan’s largest export of pesticide varieties for imidacloprid. Paraquat still occupies Australia, Indonesia and Thailand in China before the import of pesticides 3 position.

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