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It is time to bring price up for  dyeing auxiliaries

At the beginning of the year, the textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries enterprises miserable: on the one hand, printing and dyeing enterprises do not agree to the price of additives factory, but on the other hand, the production of raw materials prices soaring, generally rose to 60-150%, the largest increase of 300 %, The cost of a substantial rise, in addition to individual special high-margin products, the vast majority of additives have no profit at all.

Main ingredients of additives are surfactants, solvents, inorganic salts and so on.

So far, these additives production materials are still rising among the rising.

Forced by the cost of pressure, related to the survival of additives business, additives enterprises to the time to price increases. This is also helpless.

Zhejiang Textile Printing and Dyeing Auxiliaries Industry Association is widely aware of the market price of raw materials for raw materials (February 19, 2011 price), compared with the price in July 2016, the prices of additives raw materials generally rose sharply.

According to industry experts estimate that before August 2017, auxiliaries production raw material prices are still rising trend.

The main raw material prices are as follows:

1, Surfactant:

Recently, the price of surfactant fatty acids and ethylene oxide soared, the average selling price has exceeded the historical price of the highest point, resulting in a substantial increase in the price of surfactant products, commonly used surfactant prices as follows:

AEO-9: from 8.50 yuan per KG rose to 18.50 yuan

AEO-3: from $ 10.50 per KG rose to $ 19.80

TX-10: from 8.00 yuan per KG rose to 17.50 yuan

6501: from 1.80 yuan per KG rose to 16.00 yuan

Isomeric tridecyl alcohol polyoxyethylene ether 1305 rose from $ 14.70 per KG to $ 19.50

High temperature leveling agent raw material A: from 12.50 yuan per KG rose to 15.80 yuan

High temperature leveling agent raw material B material: from $ 13.40 per KG rose to 16.50 yuan

2, fixing agent common raw materials: diallylamine from 35.00 yuan per KG rose to 70.00 yuan,

3, softener (silicone oil) production of common raw materials:

D4: from $ 13.50 per KG rose to $ 22.00

DMC: from 12.00 yuan per KG rose to 20.00 yuan

4, solvent: isopropyl alcohol: from 4.80 yuan per KG rose to 9.50 yuan

Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether: from $ 7.00 per KG rose to $ 12.00

Neopentyl glycol: rose from $ 6.00 per unit to $ 13.90

5, polyurethane additives raw materials: TDI (toluene diisocyanate) from 10.00 yuan per KG rose to 40.00 yuan

Above is just some of the typical use of typical raw materials. The actual situation of the market is the production of additives used in all the raw material prices have increased to varying degrees.

We believe that: the past, the price of dye is normal, and a small increase in prices, with the increasingly fierce competition, printing and dyeing auxiliaries business profits have gradually reached the critical point. This round of chemical raw materials prices, additives enterprises face survival test, as a business, we must talk about survival and then talk about development, additives factory forced by cost pressures, sales price is imperative.

Auxiliaries factory is the printing and dyeing factory, although the printing and dyeing factory processing fees have increased, but the printing and dyeing factories are also facing dyes, hydropower, labor and other cost pressures, the days are not better.

Hope that the auxiliary plant and the printing and dyeing plant to consult the price of additives, the appropriate increase in the price of additives, the common face and bear the pressure caused by the market, so that auxiliary plants and printing and dyeing factories can healthy development and common development and harmonious development.

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