Sodium borohydride

Product name: Sodium borohydride

Chemical name:

CAS: 12336-95-7


MW: 37.83


Use: It is mainly used for chemical synthesis.

Package: 200kg per drum. ( I package)


Specifications of Sodium borohydride :

Items Standards Results
Appearance white powder Comply
Content 98% 98%
Water 0.5% 0.32%

Introductions of Sodium borohydride:

Sodium borohydride, white to gray white fine crystalline powder or block, has strong hygroscopicity, and its alkaline solution is brownish yellow, which is one of the most commonly used reducing agents. Soluble in water, liquid ammonia and amines. Slightly soluble in methanol, ethanol and tetrahydrofuran. Insoluble in ether, benzene and hydrocarbon. It is stable in dry air, decomposes in wet air and decomposes under 400 ℃ heating. In general, sodium borohydride can not reduce esters, amides, carboxylic acids and nitriles, but when there are heteroatoms in the carbonyl α position of esters, the esters can be reduced.
After contact with sodium borohydride, there are symptoms such as sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, headache, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dizziness, conjunctival congestion and pain. Inhalation or skin contact with the reagent is harmful to human body.
Sodium borohydride is usually used as reducing agent of aldehydes, ketones and acyl chlorides, foaming agent of plastics industry, bleaching agent of papermaking and hydrogenating agent of dihydrostreptomycin in pharmaceutical industry. Sodium borohydride shall be kept dry and used with care in a fume hood. It shall be stored in a cool and dry warehouse, away from heat sources, kindling and inflammables, and shall not be stored and transported together with inorgaSnic acid.


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