Propamocarb 72% SL

Product name: Propamocarb 72% SL

Category: Fungicide

Package: 1L x 12 bottles / carton

Specifications of Propamocarb 72% SL

Items Standards Results
Appearance yellow liquid yellow liquid
Abamectin b1 72% 72%
pH 5-9 6
Disperse ability 90% 95%
Foam 60ml 25ml
Heat storage Comply Comply
Cold storage Comply Comply

Introduction of Propamocarb 72% SL

Propamocarb 72% SL is an excellent  low-toxicity fungicide. It is exported to many overseas countries such as Iran,Turkey,Pakistan.The formulation of the product is very mature, and all specifications of the product follow the FAO standard. The color label is attached to the outer box. The contents of the label include the main content, use method, and validity period. Store and transport in strict accordance with MSDS.


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