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The recovery of glyphosate industry

According to the business community data monitoring shows that on March 2, the domestic glyphosate drug market running smoothly, 95% glyphosate original drug market offer 24000-25000 yuan / ton. Do not offer the majority of enterprises, the mainstream factory to complete the old customer orders based.

Since August 2016, glyphosate prices have experienced more than two years after the downturn, the rapid rise in the recent decline in raw material prices under the influence of the fall, but the glycine method and IDAN method spread is still in the chain to improve.

Zambia rose 4.05%; sublimation Baker rose 3.46%; Jiangshan shares Up 2.10%.

“Glyphosate industry reshuffle progress smoothly, supply and demand is reversing the price rebound when the production capacity will not be large-scale release, operating rate will be the main increase in supply.” Cinda Securities that, because the glyphosate production plant Special, once the production plant long-term parking, the device is difficult to drive again, we assume that long-term parking business belongs to the production capacity to eliminate the sale of glyphosate for more than 18 months as the enterprise exit criteria, and this industry Of the total capacity and operating rate to be amended. As of the end of January 2017, the glyphosate industry is still in production and can resume production of a total of 21 enterprises, including 13 glycine method, IDA 8, compared with the industry peak has almost eliminated half of the business.

Glyphosate company performance for the better

Jiangshan shares have 70,000 tons of glyphosate production capacity (30,000 tons per year of glycine production capacity, IDAN production capacity of 40,000 tons / year), the company operating rate of nearly 100%, will fully benefit from the glyphosate industry continued to improve, Enjoy the profit growth caused by rising prices. It is worth mentioning that the largest shareholder of Jiangshan Sinochem International Sinochem Group affiliated enterprises. Sinochem Group is the only central enterprises engaged in the three agricultural inputs of chemical fertilizers, seeds and pesticides, and the scale of pesticide business is at the forefront of the country. According to Jiangshan shares 2016 performance notice revealed, is expected to achieve net profit of 51 million yuan, an increase of about 380%.

Xin’an shares is the leading enterprise of glyphosate and organic silicon industry, currently has the original capacity of glyphosate 80,000 tons / year, organic silicon monomer production capacity of about 280,000 tons / year, 2017 silicone monomer production capacity will increase to 31 million tons / year. Company performance forecast is expected in 2016 the company operating results year on year profitability, net profit of 75 million yuan to 100 million yuan, according to this calculation, the fourth quarter of last year to achieve a single quarter net profit of 87.62 million yuan to 112.62 million yuan.

Hing Fat Group glyphosate production capacity of 130,000 tons, raw materials glycine self-sufficiency, and an additional 10,000 tons of glycine available for sale. Huacheng Securities researcher Cao Ling said: “Although the glyphosate industry started last year, only five percent, but Xingfa full year status, and the current company glyphosate stocks at a low level.At the same time, due to the complete support of raw materials glycine Hair will benefit greatly. ”

At present, the market control of glyphosate rights and interests of the company’s less than 10, Cinda Securities, said its focus on Xin’an shares, Yang agricultural chemical, and state biological, Jiangshan shares and Xingfa Group.

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