Plasticizer DOP

Chemical name: Plasticizer DOP
Chemical name: Dioctyl phthalate;Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate
CAS: 117-84-0
MF: C24H38O4
MW: 390
Package: 200kg per drum
Appearance: Transparent liquid
Content: ≥99.5%
Water: ≤0.10%
Use: Dioctyl phthalate is an important general-purpose main plasticizer. It is mainly used in the processing of polyvinyl chloride resins. It can also be used in the processing of high polymers such as chemical fiber resin, acetate resin, ABS resin and rubber. For lacquer, dye, dispersant, etc. DOP is insoluble in water, but soluble in most organic solvents such as ethanol, ether and mineral oil. General purpose DOP: widely used in plastics, rubber, paint and emulsifier industries. PVC plasticized with it can be used to make artificial leather, agricultural films, packaging materials, cables, etc.

Plasticizer DOP 1


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