Phosphorus pentoxide

Product name: Phosphorus pentoxidePhosphorus pentoxide
Chemical name: Phosphorus oxide
CAS: 1314-56-3
MW: 141.94
MF: P2O5
Use: It is mainly used for desiccant ,fertitilizers.
Package: 25kg per bag

Specifications of Phosphorus pentoxide

Items Standards Results
Appearance White powder Comply
Content 98% 99%

Introduction of Phosphorus pentoxide

Phosphorus pentoxide can be used as a desiccant for gases and liquids; It is an organic synthetic dewatering agent, polyester resin anti-static agent, pharmaceutical and sugar refining agent. It is the mother raw material for the production of high purity phosphoric acid, phosphate, phosphating and phosphate.
It can also be used in the manufacture of phosphorus pentoxide sol and H-type-based aerosol. Used in the manufacture of optical glass, UV-permeable glass, insulated glass, microcrystalline glass and milky glass, etc., to improve the dispersion coefficient of glass and the ability to pass through UV. Used as a concentrate for desiccant, dewatering agent, sugar, and used in the production of phosphoric acid, phosphorus compounds and aerosols as a doping source for semiconductor silicon, dewatering desicing desicing agent, organic synthetic shrinkand and surfactant.

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