Diphosphorus pentasulfide

Product name: DiPhosphorus pentasulfide; Phosphorus pentasulfide.

Chemical name: phosphorus sulfide.

CAS: 1314-80-3

Synonys: Sulfur phosphide.

MW: 191.3

MF: P2S5

Use: It is mainly used for synthesising pesticides,etc.

Package: 200kg per drum

Specifications of Phosphorus pentasulfide:

Items Standards Results
Appearance Yellow solid Comply
P Content 27.6%~28.2% Comply
S Content 71.7%~72.3% Comply

Introduction of Phosphorus pentasulfide:

Phosphorus pentasulfide is yellow solid. Diphosphate pentasulfide is an important raw material for pesticide synthesis. It reacts with alcohol to obtain an important intermediate containing phosphorus, “sulfide”, which can then synthesize a variety of dithiophosphate pesticides, such as dimethoate, phorate, malathion, etc.; by chlorinating the “sulfide”, another important intermediate containing phosphorus, “chloride”, can also be synthesized into a variety of thiophosphate pesticides, such as fenitrothion , phoxim, diazinon, etc. in addition, it is also used as non-ferrous mineral processing agent, high-grade lubricant additive, match manufacturing, pharmaceutical products, rubber vulcanization auxiliary agent, etc.

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