Oxyfluorfen 95% TC 24% EC

Oxyfluorfen 95% TC 24% EC
CAS No.: 42874-03-3
MF: C15H11ClF3NO4
MW: 361.7
Category: Herbicide
Content: 95%, 97%, 24%
Package: 1L/Bottle, 200L/Drum


Oxyfluorfen Specifications

Product name Oxyfluorfen 95% TC
CAS 42874-03-3
MF C15H11ClF3NO4
MW 361.7
Category Herbicide
Formulation 24% EC


1. Oxyfluorfen is a low toxicity and contact herbicide. It exerts its herbicidal activity in the presence of light. The effect of application before and early after bud is the best. It has a wide spectrum of killing weeds in seed germination. It can control broad-leaved weeds, sedge and barnyardgrass, but it can inhibit perennial weeds. Control object: it can control monocotyledons and broad-leaved weeds in transplanted rice, soybean, corn, cotton, peanut, sugarcane, vineyard, orchard, vegetable field and forest nursery.
2. Oxyfluorfen belongs to fluorodiphenyl ethers. It is a selective, pre bud and post bud contact herbicide with ultra-low dosage. Weeds are mainly killed by absorbing chemicals through coleoptile and hypocotyl. It is suitable for rice, soybean, wheat, cotton, corn, oil palm, vegetables and orchards to control broad-leaved weeds and some gramineous weeds, such as Commelina communis, barnyardgrass, sedge, Sesbania, bromegrass and Datura stramonium. The dosage is 1 ~ 2gram active ingredient / 100m2. The most common formulation is Oxyfluorfen 24% EC.


Acute oral LD50: > 5000mg / kg in rats and mice.
Rat percutaneous LD: > 2000mg / kg.
No irritation to rabbit skin mucous membrane.
Mild irritation to eyes.
The accumulation coefficient for rats is 3.3, which belongs to medium accumulation.
No mutagenic effect.