One of the most effective octone enhancers: MTBE

Methyl tert butyl ether, abbreviated as MTBE (methyl tert butyl ether), is commonly used in unleaded gasoline as antiknock agent, and also has a wide range of applications in chemical and biological fields. Some studies suggest that MTBE pollutes the environment.
In the 1970s, MTBE as a gasoline blending component to improve gasoline octane number began to be paid attention to. The basic octane number of MTBE is Ron: 118, mon: 100. It is an excellent additive and antiknock agent for gasoline with high octane number (research octane number 115). The chemical oxygen content is much lower than that of methanol, which is beneficial to warm-up and save fuel. The latent heat of evaporation is low, which is favorable for cold start. It is often used in the blending of unleaded gasoline and low lead oil. MTBE and gasoline can be miscible in any proportion without stratification. When MTBE is blended with gasoline components, it has good blending effect, and the blending octane number is higher than its net octane number. In MTBE, the content of carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas is relatively high, which can significantly improve the chemical properties of vehicle exhaust. Moreover, the combustion efficiency is high, which can inhibit the formation of ozone. It can replace tetraethyl lead as antiknock agent to produce unleaded gasoline. About 95% of MTBE is now used as octane number improver and oxygenator in gasoline.

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