Product name: Nitromethane

Chemical name: 1-Nitro methane. Mono nitro methane.

CAS: 75-52-5

Synonys: NM; MNM

MW: 61


Use: It is mainly used as solvent,etc.

Package: 220kg per drum

Specifications of Nitromethane:

Items Standards Results
Appearance Colorless liquid Comply
Content 99.0% 99%
Moisture 0.5% 0.5%

Introduction of Nitromethane:

Nitromethane is colorless liquid. This product can be used as solvent, combustion supporting agent and surfactant for cellulose compound, polymer, resin, coating, wax products, etc. it is the raw material for preparing chloropicrin. It can also be used to make explosives, rocket fuel, dyes, insecticides, gasoline additives, etc.

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