Nicosulfuron 4% SC

Nicosulfuron 4% SC 1Product name: Nicosulfuron 4% SC
Category: Herbicide
CAS: 111991-09-4
MW: 410
Package: 1L x 12 bottles / carton
Origin: Made In China

Scope and method of use

Crop Control object Dosage Application method
Corn field Annual weed 80-120 ml / mu Stem and Leaf Spray

Technical requirements for use

1. The crop objects are horse toothed and hard corn varieties. This product should not be used for sweet corn, popcorn, seed production field, inbred corn field, corn before 2 leaves and after 6 leaves. 2. When this product is used on crops other than corn, it will cause drug damage. When applying, do not sprinkle or flow into other crop fields around. 3. Choose sunny days to apply the medicine. Do not apply the medicine in windy days or it is expected to rain within 1 hour.

Product performance

Nicosulfuron 4% SC is a special stem and leaf herbicide for selective corn field. By inhibiting the activity of acetyllactate synthase (ALS) in plants, this product prevents the synthesis of branched chain amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine, and then prevents cell division, so that sensitive plants stagnate, their stems and leaves fade green and die gradually; It can effectively control grass weeds such as barnyardgrass, horse Tang and dog tail grass, broad-leaved grass such as purslane, amaranth and Polygonum, Cyperaceae weeds such as Cyperus.

Matters needing attention

1. Read this label carefully before use and use it in strict accordance with the contents of this label. 2. This product can be used once at most for crops in each season. 3. After several days of application, the crops will fade or inhibit growth sometimes, but it will not affect the growth and yield of crops. 4. Do not cultivate soil within a week after application. 5. In case of high temperature, drought, low temperature or weak growth of corn, please use this product with caution. 6. This product should not be used in corn fields where long residual herbicides (such as Metsulfuron, Chlorsulfuron, etc.) are used in the last wheat field, and corn fields intercropped or interplanted with broad-leaved crops. 7. Wear long clothes and trousers, rubber gloves, protective glasses and masks when applying drugs; Avoid polluting the skin and eyes with liquid medicine, and do not smoke or eat during application; Change clothes, wash hands and wash face in time after application. 8. The spraying equipment shall be thoroughly cleaned before and after the application of the agent. The waste water after washing shall not pollute rivers and other water sources. The unused liquid medicine shall be sealed and properly placed. 9. Waste packaging materials shall be properly disposed of and shall not be discarded at will or used for other purposes. 10. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid contact. 11. The release area of natural enemies such as Trichogramma is prohibited.

First aid measures for poisoning

Nicosulfuron 4% SC ‘s first aid as follows: Contaminated skin: take off the contaminated clothes immediately and wash the contaminated skin thoroughly with soap and plenty of water. Eye splashing: open the eyelids immediately and rinse with flowing water for at least 15 minutes. In case of irritation, go to the hospital immediately. Accidental ingestion: please rinse your mouth with clear water and take the label to the hospital immediately.

Storage and transportation methods

1. Nicosulfuron 4% SC should be stored in a ventilated, cool and dry place, away from fire or heat source. Strictly prevent moisture, sunlight and rain. 2. The stacking height of this product should not exceed 2m to avoid damaging the package. 3. Keep out of the reach of children and lock it. 4. It cannot be stored and transported together with other articles such as food, beverage, grain and feed.
Expire period: 2 years


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