Nicosulfuron 4% OD

Product name: Nicosulfuron 4% OD

Chemical name:

Category: Herbicide

CAS: 111991-09-4

MW: 410

MF: C15H18N6O6S

Package: 1L x 24 bottles / carton

Origin: Made In China

Specifications of Nicosulfuron 4% OD:

Items Standards Results
Appearance white liquid Comply
Content 4% 4%
pH 5-9 6
Disperse ability 90% 95%
Foam 60ml 25ml
Heat storage Comply Comply
Cold storage Comply Comply

Introduction of Nicosulfuron 4% OD:

Nicosulfuron 4% OD is an efficient herbicide. It was developed by Japanese enterprise and promoted globally.
So far, it is popular in West Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia, Iran, northern China and Japan.
The pH value of Nicosulfuron 4% OD is relatively low, between 3-4. Customers in some countries have a pH requirement of more than 5 for this product. Domestic manufacturers usually add some triethylamine to adjust the pH value to meet the requirements of customers.
At low temperature, the precipitation of Nicosulfuron 4% OD is more than expected.
This is mainly related to the quality of the Nicosulfuron Tech itself.

The global sales volume of the product is relatively stable, and the price is mainly affected by the large agricultural cycle and the supply of manufacturers.
The manufacturers of Nicosulfuron Tech are concentrated in Jiangsu, Shandong and Anhui Province.
Recently, environmental supervision in Jiangsu and Shandong has become more and more frequent, which has led to the rise of the product.

MSDS of Nicosulfuron 4% OD

Nicosulfuron 4% OD 1