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Metamitron 70% WDG

Metamitron Introductions:

Chinese Name: benzoxazine and benzazine
English general name: metamitron
Molecular formula: C10H10N4O
Pesticide category: Herbicide
CAS registration number: 41394-05-2


Metamitron Material Safe Data Sheet(MSDS):

Metamitron MSDS download

Metamitron Toxicity:

Acute oral LD50 3830 mg/kg in male rats, acute oral LD50 2610 mg/kg in female rats, acute percutaneous LD50 > 2000 mg/kg in male rats, and acute inhalation LC50 > 2151.2 mg/m3 in female rats; no irritation to skin and mild to moderate eye irritation in large ear white rabbits; skin allergy test in guinea pigs was a weak allergen. The sensitivity rate was 0; the maximum non-acting dose of 90 days subchronic feeding test in rats was 11.06 mg/kg.d in males and 16.98 mg/kg.d in females; three mutagenic tests: Ames test, mouse bone marrow cell micronucleus test and mouse bone marrow cell chromosome aberration test were all negative, and no mutagenic effect was found.

Metamitron 70% WDG FAO specifications:

 Content  700g/kg
 Water  20g/kg
 pH  6.5~8.5
 Wetting ability  1 min
 Wet sieve test  2% on 75μm
 Suspensibility  65%
 Persistent foam  10ml
 Dustiness  free
 Flowability  90%
 Heat storage  Comply
 Cold storage  Comply

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