Indoxacarb 15% SC

Product name: Indoxacarb 15% SC

Category: Insecticide

CAS: 144171-61-9

MW: 527.83

MF: C22H17ClF3N3O7

Package: 250ml x 40 bottles / carton

Origin: Made In China

Specifications of Indoxacarb 15% SC

Items Standards Results
Appearance white liquid Comply
Content 15% 15%
pH 5-9 6
Disperse ability 90% 95%
Foam 60ml 25ml
Heat storage Comply Comply
Cold storage Comply Comply

Introduction of Indoxacarb 15% SC

Indoxacarb 15% SC is the latest high-efficiency insecticide. It can block the sodium channel in insect nerve cells, make the nerve cells lose function, and has the function of contact killing and stomach toxicity. It can effectively prevent and control many kinds of pests on crops such as grain, cotton, fruit, vegetable and so on. It is effective for all instars of larvae and has no cross resistance with other insecticides. Indoxacarb,an insecticide,was discovered by DuPont’s Department of agricultural products and reported at the Brighton conference in 1996. It can effectively control pests on cotton, fruit trees and vegetables. Indoxacarb plays a role by blocking the sodium channel of the insect nervous system, and its carboxymethyl group breaks down in the insect body to produce more active compounds. Indoxacarb was first registered in Spain in 1998, the first time the product has been registered globally for cotton, fruit trees and horticultural crops. Its European patent expires in 2011, and its US patent expires in 2012. DuPont obtained the patent registration of single isomer of Indoxacarb in 2007. The new Indoxacarb only includes S-isomer , while the ratio of R-isomer to S-isomer in the market at that time was commonly 75%:25%.

MSDS of Indoxacarb 15% SC

Indoxacarb 15% SC

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