H Acid

H Acid
Chemical name:
CAS No.: 90-20-0
Content: 80%


Product name: H AcidH ACID,CAS 90-20-0
Chemical name: 1-Amino-8-hydroxynaphthalene-3,6-disulphonic acid
CAS: 90-20-0
Synonyms: H Acid Mono sodium salt; H-Acid;
MW: 319
MF: C10H9NO7S2
Content: 80%
Use: It is mainly used as intermediate of dyes.
Package: 25kg per bag. 15mt per 20’FCL
Origin: Made In China

Introduction of H Acid

H acid is an important intermediate in the dye industry. It is mainly used to produce reactive dyes, direct dyes and acid dyes. It can also be used to produce chromotropic acid and other intermediate products. The product has been selling well since it came out. The traditional production method of H acid takes refined naphthalene as raw material, obtains paste products through unit operations such as sulfonation, nitration, reduction and alkali melting, and then obtains powder products after drying. At present, the domestic process for preparing H acid is basically still using the production method of FIAT. Some China manufacturers and scientific research institutes have improved their main process steps and made great achievements. Because the pollution of traditional production methods is relatively serious, the output of H acid fluctuates with the policies of major producing countries, but the overall demand and production capacity are expanding. H-acid is an organic intermediate that needs to be widely used at home and abroad, especially for the production of azo dyes.