Glyphosate 62% IPA

Glyphosate IPA 62% ASProduct name: Glyphosate 62% IPA
Category: Herbicide
CAS No: 1071-83-6
MW: 169
Use: Plant protection
Origin: Made In China

Introduction of Glyphosate 62% IPA

On May 31, 2017, AQSIQ and the National Standards Committee announced the announcement of the national standards of the people’s Republic of China No. 13 of 2017. Relying on its technical advantages in the glyphosate industry, Xin’an group serves as the main drafting unit of the new national standard of glyphosate. The announcement shows that the revision of the national standard includes glyphosate 62% IPA SL and soluble powder (granule).
The biggest change in the 2017 glyphosate new national standard compared with the 2006 version is mainly the revision of glyphosate salt type, and a determination of specific salt type components is clearly added. It is understood that at present, there is a situation in the market that the low-end salt type of glyphosate impersonates the high-end salt type, making huge profits from it, disrupting the market environment of the whole glyphosate preparation. Taking glyphosate 30% AS content as an example, it is common that 33% ammonium glyphosate salt AS passes off as 41% isopropylamine glyphosate salt AS. Some data show that 60% ~ 70% of Glyphosate 41% AS in the market has the such situation. The implementation of the 2017 glyphosate new national standard makes law enforcement law-abiding. Once a similar impersonation event occurs, it can be directly identified as a fake pesticide according to the new pesticide management regulations. The implementation of the new standard will help purify the glyphosate preparation market and make law-abiding enterprises more competitive.

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