Fluorescent Brightener CBS-127

Product name: Fluorescent Brightener CBS-127

Chemical name: Fluorescent Brightener FP-127; Fluorescent Brightener FP;

CAS: 40470-68-6

Synonys: Fluorescent Brightener 378

MW: 418.52

MF: C30H26O2

Use: It is mainly used as plastic and rubber additive.

Package: 25kg plastic woven bag;


Specifications of Fluorescent Brightener CBS-127:

Items Standards Results
Appearance Light yellow or white crystalline Comply
Content 99% 99.2%
Mesh 100 Comply
Melting point 216-222℃ Comply
Reflection 436nm Comply


MSDS of Fluorescent Brightener CBS-127:


Introductions of Fluorescent Brightener CBS-127:

Fluorescent Brightener CBS-127 belongs to stilbene tetrasulfonic acid derivative. As the product is granular, its water solubility, sunlight resistance, acid and alkali fastness are all improved by one grade compared with Fluorescent brightener 378, and the whiteness value of the same dosage is very high, and it is blue violet when dissolved in water. The product is very stable in storage and transportation, especially suitable for the production of high-grade paper, cotton fabric and other export products.