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Product Name: Fluorescent Brightener 4BK; Fluorescent Brightener 351
Chemical Name: 
2,2’-((1,1’-biphenyl)-4,4’-diyldi-2,1-ethenediyl)bis-benzenesulfonic acid;2,2’-([1,1’-biphenyl]-4,4’-diyldi-2,1-ethenediyl)bis-benzenesulfonic acid ;2,2’-(4,4’-biphenylylenedivinylene)di-benzenesulfonic acid disodiumsalt;Benzenesulfonic acid,2,2’-[(1,1’-biphenyl)-4,4’-diyldi-2,1-ethenediyl]bis-,disodiumsalt;disodium4,4’-bis(2-sulfostyryl)biphenyl; fba351; tinopalcbs;fluorescent brightener cbs-x
CAS No: 27344-41-8
MF: C28H20Na2O6S2
MW:  562.56
Fluorescent Brightener


Light Yellow Green powder.


It is mainly used for the whitening of synthetic detergent, soap and soap, and also for the whitening of cotton wool and paper. Suitable for whitening of cotton, polyester-cotton blended fabric and one-bath whitening of cotton blended fabric. For detergents, dyeing, paper, dyes and other industries

Storage: Storage should be cool and ventilated, away from heat, fire, to prevent sun exposure, heat is strictly prohibited.
Package: 25kg PP bag for solid powder. 200L or 250KG Drum for Liquid.


Appearance White to light yellow powder
Content ≥99%
Moisture ≤0.1%
Insoluble ≤0.1%
Melting point /
Particle  120μm

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