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Product Name: Fluorescent brightener 185
Chemical Name: Fluorescent brightener EBF
Optical Brightening Agent EBF. C. I. 185;FLUORESCENTBRIGHTENEREBF;Fluorescent brightening agent 185;C.I. Fluorescent Brightener 185
CAS No: 12224-41-8
MF: C18H10N2O2S
MW: 318.35
Fluorescent brightener


Insoluble in water, soluble in organic solvent and concentrated acid, with bright blue fluorescence, the maximum absorption wavelength of 367nm (DMF), the maximum emission wavelength of 429nm. Has excellent light fastness.


It is mainly used in commercial whitening agent EB and can also be used in various kinds of polyolefin plastics, ABS engineering plastics, organic glass, etc.

Storage: Storage should be cool and ventilated, away from heat, fire, to prevent sun exposure, heat is strictly prohibited.
Package: 25kg PP bag for solid powder. 200L or 250KG Drum for Liquid.


Appearance light yellow green powder
Content ≥98%
Moisture ≤0.1%
Insoluble ≤0.1%
Melting point 216-220℃
Usage 0.2-1.0%(O.W.f)

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