Ethephon 48% SL

Product name Ethephon 48% SL
CAS 16672-87-0
MW 144.49
Category PGR

Ethephon 48% SL


Ethephon is a plant growth regulator. It has the physiological effects of enhancing hormone secretion, accelerating maturation, abscission, senescence and promoting flowering. Under certain conditions, ethephon can not only release ethylene itself, but also induce plants to produce ethylene.
1. When the seedling age of cucumber is one leaf and one heart, the solution is sprayed once respectively, and the concentration is 200-300mg / kg, the yield increase effect is quite significant
2. Spray the plant with 150-200mg / kg ethephon solution at the three leaf stage of zucchini, and then spray it once every 10-15 days, a total of 3 times, which can increase the female flowers, mature 7-10 days earlier, and increase the early yield by 15% – 20%.
3. Pumpkin can refer to zucchini. Foliar spraying at 3-4 leaf stages can greatly increase the production of female flowers, inhibit the development of male flowers and increase the yield, especially the yield of early maturity. However, the treatment effect varies with varieties.
4. Watermelon sprayed with 100-300mg / kg ethephon solution can mature 5-7 days earlier, increase soluble solids by 1% – 3%, increase the sweetness of watermelon, promote seed maturity and reduce white seed melon
5. Soaking ginger seeds with Ethephon before sowing can significantly promote the germination of ginger, showing fast germination speed, high seedling emergence rate and an increase in the number of buds on each ginger

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