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Dye industry oversupplies

Not the prosperity of the printing and dyeing industry

Throughout the user base reaction, the printing and dyeing industry is generally not very prosperous. It is reported that it is the time of each printing and dyeing gathering area. For the piece of the market in Guangdong, because environmental rectification is ahead of a holiday. This shows that the current dyeing and printing plant for the demand for the dye is not very high.

The supply of dyes is greater than demand

In addition, from the dye supply side, I would like to talk about this information.

The global annual production capacity of azo dyes has now exceeded 600,000 tons, while the two domestic dyestuffs and occupy 50% of the production capacity (Longsheng 150,000 tons + Runtu 150,000 tons) and in fact, from the relevant information that the current Of the printing and dyeing enterprises demand is also about 200,000 tons. Due to the overall decline in macroeconomic, domestic environmental pressure increased, resulting in textile printing and dyeing enterprises on the use of dyes has been hovering low. This oversupply market trends, so that dye manufacturers in 2017 the market has brought very large sales pressure.

Swift alliance

As we all familiar with the “dye alliance”, the current situation is also very delicate. In the cake unchanged, and production capacity continues to grow today, to maintain a few years of the Union model has been nohow from where to go. At first, the alliance did play a very big role in maintaining the common interest. But at present, but in a variety of “interests are not equal, the respective interests of their respective circumstances” has been a serious challenge. Its internal contradictions continued to expand, once in the rupture of the edge of wandering.

New members join

As the last report: Shaoxing Yingxiang printing and dyeing, Keqiao Printing and Dyeing Industry Association, the main members of the acquisition of Shaoxing Ka Yip dye factory is planning to report 200,000 tons and scattered, reactive dyes, light liquid black reached 50,000 tons EIA can also continue to produce), production enough to meet the needs of member companies. These external companies to join the dye processing team, but also to promote the dye industry situation is more severe!

It should be said that the dye is also a shelf life of the product. Reversal of market conditions, including the market model will not be static. Printing and dyeing factories to always keep a clear judgment, to control the opportunity to reduce costs.

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