Disperse Orange 30 (Press Cake)

Disperse Orange 30 (Press Cake)
Chemical name: 4-((2,6-Dichloro-4-nitrophenyl)azo)-N-(cyanoethyl)-N-(acetoxyethyl)aniline
Synonyms: Disperse Orange 2RL; Disperse Orange SE-GL; Disperse Yellow Brown 2RFL;
CAS No.: 12223-23-3
MF: C19H17Cl2N5O4
MW: 450.27
Category: Dyes Press Cake
Content: 280-285%
Package: 25kg per bag



Chemical properties: brownish red powder. Slightly soluble in ethanol, acetone, pyridine, and DMF. When encountering copper and iron ions during dyeing, they have an impact on the color light. Disperse Orange 30 is the main color in high-temperature disperse dyes, with excellent fastness to sunlight and sublimation. It is mainly used for dyeing polyester cotton and polyester viscose blended products and direct printing of cotton polyester blended fabrics. High temperature and high pressure dyeing can be used, and hot melt dyeing is also suitable. Composed of three primary colors with dispersed ruby H2GFL and dispersed deep blue HGL, combined with intermediate color and deep color. It can also be mixed with medium temperature dispersed dyes for dyeing acetic acid fibers, with a slightly yellow color, poor soaping fastness when dyeing nylon, and low dye uptake when dyeing acrylic fibers.