Disperse dyes rose across the board in 2020.08

From the industry news, disperse dye prices will be up in full series! Recently, the price of cobalt has risen sharply, resulting in the rise of cobalt chloride and cobalt sulfate. Many dye companies have adjusted their prices! Here’s the story
Disperse dyes rose across the board
In particular, disperse black ect 300%, the average price increase is 20%, and the quotation is 30 yuan / kg. Disperse turquoise blue s-gl200%, disperse brilliant blue e-4r100% rise simultaneously! Among them, disperse blue 56 ා 100%, increased to 92 yuan / kg. Specific products can be consulted with Longsheng, Runtu, Jihua and other relevant business managers! Here’s the story
Reactive and acid dyes rose simultaneously

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