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 China’s dye intermediates industry development and demand

    ① From 2000 to 2007, the dye intermediates industry developed rapidly

The world’s dye intermediates and dye industry since the last century since the 80s, gradually from Europe and the United States to Asia. Since the 21st century, China has joined the World Trade Organization, the global scope of the gradual removal of textile quota greatly promoted the development of China’s dye intermediates industry. During this period, China’s total output of dye intermediates from 200,000 tons in 2000 rose to 513,000 tons in 2007, the total output ranks first in the world.

② 2008 to 2012 the international financial crisis, the industry is at a low point

After the outbreak of the international financial crisis in 2008, the textile industry is facing greater difficulties, textile exports decline, many enterprises started, leading to rapid decline in demand for dye market, a direct impact on the market demand for dye intermediates, dyes intermediates in oversupply Of the market conditions, product prices continue to decline, the industry profits level hovering in the historical position, in 2012 China’s dye intermediates gross margin level is only maintained at 10% -12%, dyes intermediate enterprises after deducting the cost, the operating pressure.

③ 2013 environmental policy has been tight since the end effect, high-quality dyes intermediaries enterprises come out on top

Due to the rapid development of pre-dye intermediates industry, the imperfect environmental protection system, all kinds of environmental problems have erupted, since the twelfth Five-Year China’s energy-saving emission reduction efforts continue to increase, the total amount of COD emissions decreased year by year, many emissions are not up to Small and medium enterprises are in the rectification, semi-shutdown, shutdown state; as China’s dye intermediates of the international strong competitors, many Indian manufacturers are also due to environmental problems almost completely annihilated by the traditional dyes intermediate exporting countries; The effective implementation of the dye intermediates market competition is more orderly, small manufacturers resurgence signs almost cut off.

Although the dye intermediates market is only concentrated in a small number of high-quality enterprises, but the global demand for printing and dyeing did not decline in 2014, the world’s major regional dye production increased by 5.27% compared with 2012, the domestic environmental standards of dye intermediates production enterprises have to be fully loaded to meet Market demand, according to statistics, 2014 annual dye production of 590,000 tons, to meet the world’s dye intermediates 60.20% of the demand, compared with 2011 increased by 4.77 percentage points, the international market share has increased; also led to China’s dye intermediates Market concentration to further improve the bargaining power of production enterprises continue to strengthen. The price of major dye intermediates in the last two years has risen rapidly.

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