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China Disperse dye exports once again appear cliff-like decline

Following the 2014, the third quarter of 2016, China’s exports of disperse dyes again cliff-like decline in the third quarter, scattered dyes exports 20,300 tons, down 38.21%, of which exports in September 3897.68 tons, down 53.15%. Exports fell sharply behind the multiple factors have a common impact, let us look at the following:

1, factor one: the price rebound again

Take advantage of the domestic environmental protection policy favorable, 16 years in the second half of the dye market rose up the mood is still high, in the Longsheng, Runtu and other mainstream manufacturers have to raise prices, the overall focus on disperse dyes market to move up. Export prices have gone up, the third quarter of the average price of disperse dyes in 6867 US dollars / ton, up 16.44% over the second quarter, and after a substantial increase in market prices, foreign procurement sentiment tends to be cautious, chasing high enthusiasm decline, the export situation affected Larger.

2, factor two: G20 summit held

2016, the Group of 20 leaders summit held in Hangzhou from September 4 to 5, the G20 summit held only two days time, but affected by the end of August to early September nearly two weeks, Jiangsu and Zhejiang two Provincial control of the region are transported into the semi-stagnant state of the industry, the dye market, the same slowdown in foreign trade activities. And the G20 summit to prepare for more than six months, in the long cycle of preheating process, the dye market also appears to stocking phenomenon, the 8-9 month demand forward, or even early to July before the order, which is also to a certain extent Resulting in the second and third quarter of the export situation is obvious.

3, factor three: foreign supply competition

In the first three quarters of 2016, China ranked the top five exporting countries and regions, including South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam, followed by India, Thailand, Egypt, Pakistan, Japan and so on. From this we can see that the current distribution of China’s disperse dyes mainly concentrated in the domestic, South Korea, Japan-based East Asia and Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries dominated in Southeast Asia.

These two regions are not only the main consumption of dyes, but also the concentration of dyes, such as India, Thailand, Korea, Japan, which, like India, the cost of raw materials in the production of dyes and human and material costs more affordable, the disperse dyes can be maintained Lower market pricing, compared with the domestic disperse dyes have a greater price advantage.

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