Carbon disulfide

Product name: Carbon disulfide

Chemical name: Carbon sulfide

CAS: 77-78-1

Synonys: Carbon bisulfide

MW: 126


Use: It is mainly used for synthesising chemicals,etc.

Package: 200kg per drum

Specifications of Carbon disulfide:

Items Standards Results
Appearance Colorless liquid Comply
Content 97.5% 97.5%

Introduction of Carbon disulfide:

Carbon disulfide is colorless liquid. It is highly volatile, flammable and explosive. It burns with a blue flame and decomposes into carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. It is mainly used in the production of rayon fiber (rayon, rayon) and rayon film. It is also used in the production of carbon tetrachloride, ammonium dithiocarbamate, xanthate, flotation agent, solvent and rubber curing agent.

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