Basic Violet 5BN

Basic Violet 5BN

Product name: Basic Violet 5BN

Chemical name:  C.I.Basic Violet 3

CAS: 548-62-9

Synonys: Basic Violet 6BN,Methyl Violet 5BG,Crystal violet.

MW: 407.99

MF: C25H30ClN3

Use: It is mainly used as coloring paper,etc

Package: 25kg or 40kg plastic woven bag

Specifications of Basic Violet 5BN:

Items Standards Results
Appearance Violet powder comply
Strenght 100% 100%
Purity 96% 96.3%
Ash 0.5% 0.38%
pH 3-8 3

Introduction of Basic Violet 5BN :

Basic Violet 5BN is a chemical that dyes wool, silk and cotton products treated with tannins to purple, with a color from blue to red. Also used in dyeing straw, paper, leather, feathers, fat, etc., as well as color printing, ink, printing paper, paper, color penciland and so on. In the field of pharmaceutical industry, it is mainly used to make purple potions.

Chemical Characters:
Dark green purple powder or green-purple with metallic gloss fragments, slightly odorous.

Soluble in water and ethanol, both purple, chloroform, insoluble in ether.

Packaging: woven bag packaging, paper tube packaging
Packing size: 25KG, 30KG

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