2017 pesticide market out of the haze Prices are bound to rise

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2017 pesticide market out of the haze Prices are bound to rise

This year, China’s pesticide market as a whole not very prosperous, most of the pesticide turnover is not how ideal, and many pesticide product prices are still tepid, but due to environmental pressure, the recent price of pesticide drugs has been rising, experts predict that, 2017 pesticide prices will break the deadlock, the price has become an inevitable trend.

Recently, raw material prices rose strongly, so that when the use of off-season pesticide prices also out of the doldrums, reported a new high. The recent national safety and environmental protection efforts to increase, shut down a number of environmental protection, but off the raw material production enterprises, there are some raw materials enterprises due to water prices and start-up; October after the sharp rise in international crude oil prices to bulk raw material export market Well, the domestic raw material market gap is large, the price rose sharply, hit a record high.

The original drug prices ascribed, due to the use of pesticides in the season there are four or five months, buyers are not many, can not appear the original drug boom, preparation manufacturers mostly hold the wait and see. At present, most of the original drug manufacturers did not offer, because the current price of pesticides is mainly driven by rising raw material prices, manufacturers profit margins are not. Domestic famous large-scale pesticide production enterprises that the current pesticide sales are off-season, if the price increase for the export, but also received the list, it is two Qi Mei; if only in the domestic sales, especially the preparation, no buyers, The price is not so great.

Although there is no upsurge in the procurement of the original drug, but according to the current market, policy factors are expected in the first half of next year, pesticide market will be out of the bear market, pesticide prices is an inevitable trend. The reason for the following:

First, China’s central and northern regions this year, high rainfall, a variety of crop pests and diseases, and the winter base is too large, resulting in increased pressure next year, increased demand for medication, grain and oil, fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, pastures, gardens And other aspects of the use of efficient, low toxicity, low dosage of pesticide varieties, herbicides, fungicides and other dosage will be significantly increased. It is predicted that the total demand for pesticides in the country in 2017 was 308,200 tons (fold), an increase of 2.69%.

Second, raw material prices have risen, labor costs are up, while the food prices, agricultural and sideline products, vegetables doubled prices, pesticide input and output benefits, but also conducive to pesticide prices up.

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