Chemical name: 5-Nitroanthranilonitrile
Synonyms: 2-Amino-5-nitrobenzonitrile
CAS No.: 17420-30-3
MF: C7H5N3O2
MW: 163.13
Category: Dye Intermediate
Content: 98%
Package: 25kg per bag


Product Name: 2-Cyano-4-nitroaniline
Chemical name: 5-Nitroanthranilonitrile
CAS: 17420-30-3
Synonyms: CNA
MW: 163.13
MF: C7H5N3O2
Use: It is mainly used as intermediate of dyes.
Package: 25kg plastic woven bag;
Origin: Made In China

the image of 2-Cyano-4-nitroaniline sample


Items Standards Results
Appearance Light yellow powder Comply
Content 95% 98%
Loss on dry 1.0% 0.21%
Ash 1.0% 0.14%
Melting point 205°C Comply


2-cyano-4-nitroaniline (CAS:17420-30-3) is light yellow powder. Melting point 200-207°C. When it is heated to 100°C, it can lose five crystalline water, the product is soluble in water, the solution is nearly neutral, in the humid air has moisture solution; It dissolves halogens and silver salts. It is an important intermediate for the synthesis of dispersed dyes. It is mainly used in the synthesis of dispersed red SE-GFL, dispersed red S-FL, dispersed blue SE-2R, dispersed purple S-R and other high temperature or medium temperature dispersion dyes. It is obtained by 2-chlorine-5-nitrobenzene ammonia. 2-chlormethyl benzene can produce 2-cyanide-4-nitrobenzene through nitrification and amine-based ation.

Synthesis method

The invention is a synthesis method of 2-cyano-4-nitroaniline, which is an important raw material for the production of disperse dyes. It takes chloronitrobenzonitrile as the raw material, takes water as the medium, controls the reaction temperature at 75-97°C in the presence of surfactant added with alkylbenzene sulfonic acid group, enters ammonia under constant stirring and pressurization, and obtains 2-cyano-4-nitroaniline, with the yield of 95% and the content of 98%.