Chemical name: 1-Hydroxy-2-Amino-4-Nitrobenzene
Synonyms: 4-Nitro-2-aminophenol
CAS No.: 99-57-0
MF: C6H6N2O3
MW: 154
Category: Dyes Intermediate
Content: 80%
Package: 25kg pp bag


Product name: 2-Amino-4-Nitrophenol
Chemical name: 2-Amino-1-Hydroxy-4-Nitrobenzene
C.I.number: 76530
Synonmys: 4-Nitro-2-aminophenol
CAS: 99-57-0
Synonyms: 4-NAP; Ortho amino para nitro phenol;4NAP
MW: 154
MF: C6H6N2O3
Use: It is mainly used as intermediate of dyes.
Package: 25kg plastic woven bag; 8000KG on 100% basis in one 20’FCL.
Origin: Made In China


Items Standards Results
Appearance Yellow to brown solid Comply
Content ≥80% 80%
Moisture 17.6%
Acid insoluble 0.1% 0.02%
Purity ≥99.0% 99.2%


2-Amino-4-nitrophenol is brownish yellow solid. It is soluble in acetic acid, ethanol and acetic acid, slightly soluble in water. It is used to make reactive dyes, acid dyes, neutral dyes and solvent dyes. On October 27, 2017, 2-amino-4-nitrophenol was included in the list of carcinogens published by the WHO International Agency for research on cancer. It is a widely used hair dye also.

Its main raw material for producing 2-amino-4-nitrophenol is 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene.
The purity of this product can reach more than 99%.
Its waste water is mainly used for making sulfur black.
Some manufacturers will use the wastewater of Disperse Blue 2BLN (C.I.Disperse Blue 56) to produce 2-amino-4-nitrophenol. Although the appearance and content also meet the export standards, the purity is not good.