Product Name: 1-Aminoanthraquinone

Chemical Name: 1-Amino anthraquinone

CAS: 82-45-1

Synonyms: 1-Amino-9,10-anthraquinone; alpha-aminoanthraquinone.

MW: 223

MF: C14H9NO2

Structure: 1 Aminoanthraquinone

Use: It is mainly used as intermediate of disperse dyes, bromamine acid.

Package: 25kg per plastic woven bag

Origin: Made In China

Remarks: We have been amony the main producers and exporters of 1-amino anthraquinone in China.

Specifications of 1-Aminoanthraquinone:

Items Standards Results
Appearance dark red solid comply
Content 98% 98%
Moisture 0.5% 0.35%
Ash 0.5% 0.38%
pH 5-8 6

MSDS/SDS of 1-Aminoanthraquinone

1-Aminoanthraquinone MSDS

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